We are fortunate, thanks to our trustees and volunteers, to have a wonderful archive ranging from lists of artistes to original posters, programmes and photographs.



Abstract of celebrated artistes who appeared at the Kursaal/Royal Hall, Harrogate selected from the collection of bound day-bills at Harrogate reference library and many other sources. Based on an original collation by Malcolm Neesam and now researched and continually updated by Michael Hine.

Performers from 1900s
Date Artist
1903 27th May Sir Hubert Parry, composer/conductor Opening Concert
1903 13th July Edward German, composer
1903 18th July Mrs. Beerbohm Tree Recitation of “Enoch Arden” with music by Richard Strauss
1903 3rd Aug Paul Cinquevalli – ‘The Incomparable Juggler’
1903 10th Aug Granville Bantock, composer
1903 15th Aug Arthur Roberts, comedian
1903 28th Aug Ferruccio Busoni, pianist
1903 5th Sept George Grossmith, comedian/actor
1903 14th Sept Coleridge Taylor, composer
1903 15th to 17th Sept Arthur Roberts – ‘The Inimitable Comedian’
1904 16th July Sarah Bernhardt, actress In a Special Flying Matinee in ‘La Dame aux Camelias’ (5 Acts)
1904 18th July Joseph Holbrooke, composer
1904 19th July Dan Leno, comedian ‘The Greatest English Comedian – The Kings Jester’
1904 25th July Dan Godfrey, conductor
1904 25th July Mr Bransby Williams. In the Dickens Characters and Imitations of Popular Artistes
1904 8th Aug Coleridge Taylor, composer
1904 8th Aug Leslie Harris – ‘The Popular Entertainer at the Piano’
1904 13th Aug Mrs Patrick Campbell, (actress) assisted by the Honorable and Mr J Clifford.
1904 15th Aug Edward German, composer
1904 29th Aug Miss Ada Reeve – ‘The Celebrated Comedienne’
1904 5th-10th Sept Carl Rosa Opera company, performing Carmen, Don Giovanni, Lohengrin, Tannhauser and Wallace’s “Maritana”
1904 19th Sept All week. The Mysterious Mechanical Man, PHROSO
1904 29th to 31st Dec Sammy Shields – ‘The Great Scotch Comedian and Raconteur’
1905 29th March Sousa and his band of fifty-five players
1905 24th July Dan Godfrey
1905 31st July Sir Charles Villiers Stanford, composer
1905 3rd Aug Harry Randall, comedian
1905 12th Aug R. G. Knowles
1905 14th Aug Marie Hall, violin
1905 22nd Aug George Grossmith
1905 1st Sept Clara Butt and Kennerly Rumford (husband)
1905 8th Sept Lily Langtry in “My Milliner’s Bill”
1905 11th Sept Mischa Elman, violin
1906 27th Aug Lily Langtry, actress
1906 11th Sept Edward German
1907 3rd April Clara Butt, contralto singer
1907 13th April Vladmir de Pachman, pianist
1907 6th Aug Vesta Tilley
1907 16th Aug Wilhelm Backhaus, pianist
1907 28th Aug Edward German
1907 31st Aug Fritz Kreisler, violinist
1907 7th Sept Wilhem Backhaus. pianist
1907 19th Sept Harry Lauder, Scottish comedian
1908 6th-7th January Grand opening performances by the new Kursaal Munograph, latest animated pictures.
1908 15th February John McCormack, tenor
1908 5th March Mark Hambourg, pianist
1908 28th March Madam Ada Crossley, accompanied by Mr. Peter Grainger
1908 27th-29th April Harold Montague, the original jester at the piano.
1908 9th May Leopold Godowsky, pianist
1908 23rd May Ernst von Dohnanyi (appeared as pianist) & composer
1908 28th July Harry Randall, comedian
1908 3rd Aug Vesta Tilley, male impersonator
1908 8th Aug Mishca Elman, violinist
1908 22nd Aug Marie Hall, violinist
1908 3rd Oct Fritz Kreisler
1908 23rd Oct John McCormack
1908 24th Oct Harold Bauer, pianist
1908 8th-9th Nov Charles Coburn, comedian
1909 10th April George Robey, comedian
1909 14th April Clara Butt and Kennerly Rumford
1909 8th May Charles Villers Stanford, Irish composer
1909 24th May Empire Day – showing of new and wonderful film “Invasion”
1909 1st June La Scala Opera Company – “Cavalleria Rusticanna”, & “Faust”
1909 19th June Henry Wood, conductor
1909 3rd Aug Wilkie Bard, comedian
1909 6th Aug Harry Tate & Company in “Motoring”
1909 24th Aug Vesta Tilley
1909 31st Aug John McCormack
1909 4th Aug George Robey
1909 23rd Aug Beecham orchestra – first Harrogate performance of Sir Edward Elgar’s First Symphony and only the second in Yorkshire
1909 14th Oct Paderewski, composor/pianist
Performers from 1910s
Date Artist
1910 4th April Leslie Harris, entertainer
1910 6th July Myra Hess, pianist
1910 1st Aug Capt. Fred Woodwards Seals & Sea Lions
1910 4th Aug Dame Nellie Melba, singer
1910 25th Aug Vesta Tilley
1910 26th Aug John McCormack
1910 9th Sept George Robey
1910 10th Sept Fritz Kreisler
1910 24th Oct The March Hares inc. Davy Burnaby
1911 4th Feb Alfred Tennyson Dickens ‘My father’s Life and Works’
1911 13th May Miss Janotha (Court pianist to Kaiser Wilhelm 11 of Germany)
1911 16th May Seymour Hicks in ‘Papa’s Wife’
1911 14th June Beno Moisewitsch, pianist
1911 23rd June Coronation Gala
1911 2nd Aug Beno Moisewitsch
1911 5th Aug Mrs Langtry
1911 8th Aug Harry Lauder
1911 9th Aug (Wednesday) First provincial performance of Sir Edward Elgar’s Second Symphony
1911 24th Aug Vesta Tilley and Miss Ida Bloor
1911 8th Sept George Robey
1911 20th Sept Myra Hess
1911 27th Sept Fritz Kreisler
1911 6th Oct Mrs Patrick Campbell
1912 27th May Peter Dawson – Eminent Baritone
1912 28th May Little Tich – Inimitable Comedian
1912 21st June Paderewski
1912 6th July Clarice Mayne
1912 22nd July All week. Harry Tate
1912 22nd Aug Vesta Tilley
1912 28th Aug Sir Edward Elgar conducts his own compositions
1912 5th Sept George Robey
1912 7th Sept Ellen Terry – actress
1912 12th Sept Anna Pavlova
1912 28th Sept John McCormack
1912 7th Oct Fritz Kreisler
1913 22nd March Russian Imperial Ballet making its first Harrogate appearance
1913 29th March George Robey
1913 31st March All week. Thomas Holden’s Celebrated Mannikins
1913 27th May British Composers’ night in celebration of the tenth anniversary of the opening of the Kursaal
1913 31st May John Dunn, the famous English violinist will play the Elgar new violin concerto
1913 11th June Dr. Ethel Smyth conducts the overture to her opera “The Wreckers”
1913 20th June Leeds Choral Society perform Elgar’s “King Olaf”
1913 1st July Violet Vanbrugh – World Famous Actress
1913 29th July Edward German
1913 31st July Miss Edith Evans – The Eminent Soprano
1913 1st Aug Harry Lauder
1913 6th Aug Tetrazzini, soprano singer
1913 22nd Aug Vesta Tilley
1913 26th Aug Dame Nellie Melba
1913 27th Sept Fritz Kreisler
1913 1st Oct First performance in Yorkshire of Cesar Franck’s Symphony
1914 8th June The magnificent film of Wagner’s “grand opera” Parsifal, with the Harrogate Municipal Orchestra
1914 17th June Stanford’s Irish Symphony performed
1914 20th June Paderewski
1914 4th July Basil Hindenburg conducts
1914 12th Aug Vaughan Williams performs his “London Symphony”, the first provincial performance; also, his “Wasps Suite”
1914 20th Aug Phyllis Dare – Famous London Musical Comedy Star
1914 28th-29th Aug Vesta Tilley
1914 4th Sept Bransby Williams – Character Actor
1914 14th-15th Sept Anna Pavlova
1914 9th Oct 1st production in Yorkshire of the great American film of Wagner’s opera, Tannhauser, music arranged by Ernest Farrar & Julian Clifford
1915 22nd March Lecture by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle entitled “The Great Battles of the War”
1915 6th April Clara Butt
1915 25th May Lilly Langtry
1915 30th June Ethel Smyth, composer
1915 24th June Sir Frederick Cowen with Charles Mott (baritone)
1915 3rd Aug Daisy Wood – Popular Comedien
1915 5th-6th Aug Harry Lauder
1915 13th Aug Horatio Bottomley, publisher of the “John Bull” magazine
1915 27th Aug Vesta Tilley
1915 28th Aug Elgar’s “Carillon” performed for Belgium. First Harrogate performance. Mrs Julian Clifford, soprano, assisted by the band of the TTA.
1915 6th Sept George Robey
1915 17th Sept Clara Butt – World Famous Contralto
1915 22nd Sept Further performance of Carillon
1915 25th Sept Hetty King – Famous Male Impersonator
1915 29th Sept Beethoven’s Choral Symphony first Harrogate performance which was also the first performance of the Harrogate Municipal Choir, chorus master Ernest Farrar, conducted by Julian Clifford whose “Ode to New Year” was also given.
1916 11th Feb FILM: Birth of a nation (with augmented orchestra)
1916 17th June Marie Lloyd – music hall singer
1916 15th Aug Horatio Bottomley
1916 16th Sept Mrs. Pankhurst (suffragette)
1916 11th Sept Solomon – the marvellous boy pianist-1st H’gate performance
1916 4th Nov Lieut. McCormack – the Irish baritone
1917 10th April Clara Butt
1917 21st July Sir Frank Benson, actor
1917 4th Aug Lena Ashwell, actress
1917 11th Aug Billy Merson – Celebrated London Comedian
1917 31st Aug-1st Sept Vesta Tilley
1917 14th-15th Sept Phyllis Dare
1917 1st Oct Catlin’s Pierrots
1917 10th Oct Clara Butt
1917 18th Oct Horatio Bottomley
1918 18th Feb Sir Arthur Conan Doyle lecture ‘Life After Death’
1918 3rd March Clara Butt
1918 1st May Fanny Davies, pianist
1918 20th May Mark Hambourg
1918 21st May Wilkie Bard – Popular London Comedian
1918 6th June Grand Wagner programme
1918 13th June Felix Salmond, cellist
1918 16th-17th Aug Vesta Tilley
1918 22nd-23rd Aug Harry Lauder
1918 2nd Sept Astra Desmond, soprano & Frank Mullins, tenor Wagner prog
1918 21st Sept Moiseiwitsch – Comedian
1919 16th May De Pachman pianist
1919 7th June Lamond
1919 8th Aug Dame Nellie Melba
1919 15th-16th Aug Vesta Tilley – farewell performance
1919 23rd Sept Sir Ernest Shackleton lecture on “Our Last Antarctic Expedition”
1919 26th & 27th Sept David Devant – Greatest Magician and Entertainer
1919 3rd Nov Picture of the year “Blue Jean” (blue overalls) staring Violet Dana
1919 16th Nov Clara Butt, Kennerly Rumford, massed bands of His Majesty’s Guards
1919 24th Nov “Cecilea of the pink roses” the new film star, Marion Davies
1919 28th Dec Melba and Miss Marie Hall violinist


Performers from 1920s
Date Artist
1920 25th April Vladmir de Pachman, pianist
1920 30th April The Rolling Stones, variety act
1920 7th June Will Gane (with Pierrot Group)
1920 19th-21st Aug Anna Pavlova
1920 22nd Aug Tom Burke, famous operatic tenor
1920 28th Aug Ella Shields, “The Ideal Impersonator”
1920 31st Aug Dame Nellie Melba
1920 14th Sept Little Tich
1920 23rd Oct Harry Tate and Harry Weldon – Comedian
1921 30th April Also, for 28-30 minutes, “The first public presentation of the latest invention, talking pictures presented by the inventor Claude Verity of East Park Rd Harrrogate – the Verity System”
1921 17th May Clara Butt
1921 30th July Grock, the famous Anglo French clown
1921 5th Aug George Robey
1921 9th-11th Aug Harry Lauder
1921 26th-27th Aug Pavlova
1921 1st Sept George Robey
1921 2nd Sept Moiseiwitsch
1921 19th-20th Sept Charlie Chaplin’s film, “Shoulder Arms”
1921 6th Oct Alfred Cortot, first Harrogate performance of the French pianist
1922 3rd May Concert featuring Delius’s “One hearing first cuckoo in spring”
1922 26th May Concert conducted by Howard Carr with unusually early performance of Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto no.2
1922 5th Aug Miss Cicely Courtneidge
1922 8th-10th Aug Harry Lauder
1922 28th-29th Aug The Co-optimists, with Stanley Holloway
1922 21st Sept First Harrogate performance of Bantock’s “Russian Scenes”, conducted by Howard Carr
1923 7th June Walter Rummel, pianist
1923 17th June Backhaus, pianist
1923 23rd July Pavlova – The first visit of the world’s most Famous Dancer
1923 3rd Aug Violet Vanbrugh – actress in 2 one act plays
1923 5th Aug Marie Hall, violin
1923 10th Aug Grock
1923 22nd Aug Seymour Hicks – actor in a one act play “Waiting for a Lady”
1923 24th Aug George Robey – The Prime Minister of Mirth
1923 21st Sept George Robey
1924 March Cecil Moon’s Orchestra
1924 21st April Clara Butt
1924 27th May Basil Cameron and Municipal Orchestra
1924 28th May Peter Dawson – The Great Australian Baritone
1924 3rd Aug Henry Baynton – The Celebrated Shakespearean Actor
1924 9th Aug Clarice Mayne
1924 12th-14th Aug Harry Lauder
1924 19th Aug Veterans of Variety from the Palladium inc. Arthur Roberts, Leo Dryden
1924 23rd Aug Moiseiwitsch
1924 6th Sept Eileen Winterton – dancer
1924 14th Sept Solomon (Pianist)
1924 20th Sept William Primrose, viola
1924 11th Nov “Hunchback of Notre Dame” with Lon Chaney
1925 15th April Talbot O’Farrell – The Irish Entertainer
1925 11th May Film “Monsieur Beaucarie” with Rudolf Valentino
1925 8th June Lewis Davenport – ‘The Bewilderest’
1925 26th July Walter Widdop, tenor
1925 27th July Albert Whelan – The Popular Entertainer – first appearance in Harrogate
1925 29th July Leon Goosens, oboe
1926 20th June Ali Khan – A Hindoo Caruso
1926 5th July Holbrooke, the famous composer and pianist, in a violin and piano recital
1926 23rd July Seymour Hicks and Ellaline Terriss, actor and actress
1926 3rd 4th 7th Aug Harry Lauder
1926 23rd Aug Layton and Johnson, the celebrated American performers – first visit to Harrogate and Will Hay – The Schoolmaster Comedian
1926 2nd Sept Harry Tate, comedian
1926 17th & 18th Sept Will Fyffe (first Harrogate appearance) The famous Scottish comedian
1926 19th Sept Layton and Johnstone
1926 24th Sept Billy Mayerl the lightning pianist supported by Piccadilly follies
1926 26th Sept Jack Hylton and his band
1927 12th Feb Clara Butt
1927 19th April Clara Butt
1927 10th May Personal Visit of Sir Alan Cobham KBE, AFC to give descriptive talk and films of his historic Empire flights
1927 10th July Flotsam & Jetsam
1927 25th Aug Holbrooke performs his violin concerto
1927 4th Sept Jack Hylton
1927 9th Sept Layton and Johnstone
1927 15th Sept Betty Humby, pianist performs Saint-Saens Piano concerto no. 5, conducted by Basil Cameron
1927 21st Sept Florence Austral and Walter Widdop (music festival), singers
1927 22nd Sept Sir Edward Elgar and violinist Albert Sammons, perform Elgar’s violin concerto
1927 23rd Sept Eric Coates conducts orchestral concert
1927 13th Nov Vladimir de Pachman, pianist
1928 20th Jan Johann Strauss (The Waltz King) and Special London Orchestra of 40 musicians
1928 8th April Layton and Johnstone
1928 6th May Peter Dawson, bass baritone, accompanied by Gerald Moore, also Albert Sammons, violin, Mark Hambourg, piano
1928 20th May Jack Hylton
1928 27th May Marie Hall, violin
1928 6th July Peter Warlock’s “Capriole suite” performed
1928 29th Aug Gracie Fields, the new London star
1928 30th Aug Schubert centenary concert. Betty Humby plays the “Wanderer” also, orchestra conducted by Basil Cameron
1928 20th Sept Sir Thomas Beecham conducts a special symphony concert, with vocals by Dora Labbette
1928 15th Oct Clapham & Dwyer
1929 31st March Paul Robeson, singer
1929 26th April Val Vett “The Ragtime Rag Picking Rag Painter”
1929 29th April to 4th May Elsie and Doris Waters (with the Fol-de-rols)
1929 3rd June George Lacy – London’s New Star Comedian
1929 7th July Jack Hylton
1929 8th-9th July Will Fyffe, comedian
1929 11th-13th July Co-optimists
1929 13th-14th Aug Layton and Johnstone, world’s most popular entertainers
1929-1930 Winter season of “silent pictures”, with Erich von Stronheim and Fay Wray in, “The Wedding March”


Performers from 1930s
Date Artist
1930 19th April Will Fyffe
1930 15th Aug Harry Lauder
1930 27th Aug Eric Coates will conduct the broadcast performance of his new fantasy “Cinderella”
1930 4th Sept Basil Cameron’s farewell concert, on his departure for San Francisco Symphony Orchestra
1930 22nd Sept Elsie and Doris Waters
1930 10th Oct Programme of compositions by Julian Clifford
1930 11th Oct Jack Hylton and his band
1930 13th 14th 16th -18th Oct Catlin’s Royal Pierrots, with Binnie Hill
1930 15th Oct C. Leonard Wooley, “Excavations at Ur” lecture
1930 27th Oct & 1st Nov The Good Companions
1930 3rd Nov Film: White Hell of Pitz Palu
1930-1931 Winter Season. A series of best silent pictures, with Cecil Moon’s orchestra
1931 6th April For the week, Anna Pavlova and company
1931 7th April Moiseiwitsch
1931 10th May Jack Hylton and his band
1931 26th July Billy Cotton and his band – first appearance in Harrogate
1931 7th Aug Harry Lauder
1931 19th Aug George Robey
1931 24th Aug Layton and Johnstone
1931 30th Aug Debroy Somers and his band
1931 6th Sept Mr. Flotsam and Mr Jetsam, pianist entertainers
1931 16th Sept Film “Kismet” – talking picture
1931 3rd-5th Aug Harry Lauder
1931 7th Dec Miss Amy Johnson C.B.E. – lecture “How ‘Jason’ and I flew to the Land of the Golden Flece”
1932 Late start to live performances – increasing use of Royal Hall for films
1932 24th July Jack Hylton and his band
1932 3rd-5th Aug Harry Lauder
1932 23rd Aug Layton and Johnstone
1932 28th Aug Jack Hylton and his band
1933 16th April Layton & Johnstone – The Famous American Entertainers
1933 4th June Flotsam & Jetsam – popular radio stars
1933 9th July Duke Ellington & His Famous Orchestra
1933 11th to 13th Aug Gertrude Concannon – ‘The Australian Soprano’
1933 20th Aug Anna May Wong – The celebrated Chinese actress and film star
1933 3rd Sept John McCormack – world famous tenor
1933 24th Sept Alfredo and His Gipsy Orchestra
1933 8th Oct Louis Armstrong with His Harlem Hot Rhythm Band
1934 20th May Elsie & Doris Waters, Clapham & Dwyer
1934 25th June Raymond De Courcy & his Orchestra supported by Max Wall
1934 24th & 25th Aug Will Fyffe – Scotlands World Famous Character Comedian
1934 28th Nov Boxing Bill – 6 Fights
1935 12th April Sir Oswald Mosley will explain the Fascist Policy
1935 8th Sept ‘Hutch’ – (Leslie A. Hutchinson) – the famous broadcast and recording star
1935 15th Sept First appearance of Geraldo and his Gaucho Orchestra also featuring Monty Rey
1935 22nd Sept Ambrose and his Orchstra
1935 24th Nov Lew Stone and his Band
1936 12th July Lou Preager and his famous Broadcasting Band
1936 19th July First appearance of Charlie Kunz – Radio’s Wizard of the Piano
1936 11th Oct Nat Gonella and his Georgians
1937 5th Jan Harry Roy and His Band
1937 19th Feb Large Boxing Bill of 6 bouts
1937 27th March Roy Fox and His Band with singer Denny Dennis
1937 4th July Jack Hylton and His Band
1937 25th July Joe Loss and His Band with Chic Henderson
1937 28th July Albert W. Ketelbey – composer/conductor
1937 1st Aug The Mills Brothers – first appearance in Harrogate
1937 14th & 15th Aug Eric Coates – composer/conductor
1937 22nd Aug Charlie Kunz – pianist
1937 12th Sept Alfredo and His Famous Gipsy Orchestra
1937 19th Sept George Elrick and His Swing Music Makers
1937 21st Nov Henry Hall & His Orchestra
1937 7th Dec Lecture by Grey Owl
1938 12th April Film “Swingtime” – poster has good picture of Ginger Rogers
1938 17th April Jack Payne and his band, with Peggy Cochrane
1938 30th May Petulengro – first visit to Harrogate by the radio violinist
1938 7th to 10th June Stainless Stephen – Famous BBC Comedian and Top of the Bill
1938 4th July Jack Hylton and his band
1938 10th July Roy Fox and his band
1938 17th July Henry Hall and his band
1938 25th July Joe Loss and his band
1938 1st Aug Louis Cohen and the Municipal Orchestra
1938 1st to 3rd Aug Anne Zeigler and Webster Booth
1938 3rd Aug Arthur Wood – the popular Yorkshire Composer/Conductor will conduct a series of his own compositions
1938 7th Aug Ray Noble & his orchestra – the sensation of New York and Hollywood
1938 14th Aug Jack Jackson and his band from the Dorchester with Helen Clare
1938 19th Aug George Robey
1938 21st Aug Elsie and Doris Waters
1938 25th Aug Moiseiwitsch
1938 28th Aug Jack Hylton and his band
1938 1st Sept London Philharmonic Orchestra and Sir Thomas Beecham
1938 4th Sept Mark Hambourg
1938 11th Sept Carol Gibbons and the Savoy Orpheans
1938 15th Sept Cyril Smith
1938 18th Sept Isobel Baillie – farewell concert of the Municipal Orchestra conducted by Louis Cohen
1938 11th Dec Jack Payne and his band
1939 16th Feb London Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Sir Thomas Beecham
1939 8th April Jack Hylton and his bank
1939 9th April Halle Orchestra – first visit to Harrogate conducted by Beecham(he was replaced by Basil Cameron, due to indisposition). Programme = Simetana Bartered Bride overture, Mozart Symphony no 29; Delius: On hearing first cuckoo in spring, Liszt; Hungarian rhapsody no 2; Tchaikovsky: Symphony no. 5.
1939 11th June Richard Tauber and Municipal Orchestra, conducted by Louis Cohen.
1939 1st-2nd July Walter Widdop, Municipal Orchestra conducted by Louis Cohen
1939 19th July Albert Ketelby conducts his own music
1939 6th Aug Carroll Gibbons with Anne Lenner and George Melanchrino
1939 19th Aug Eric Coates
1939 26th Aug Alicia Markova and Anton Dolin
1939 31st Aug Myra Hess, pianist
1939 3rd Sept Special programme of patriotic melodies – all other programms cancelled (Outbreak of World War Two)
1939 16th Sept and all week Fol-de-rols “We have the largest air raid shelter in Harrogate”
1939 12th Nov Flotsam and Jetsam
1939 26th Nov Henry Hall and his orchestra
1939 10th Dec Billy Cotton and his band
1939 17th Dec Jack Jackson and his Popular Radio Band


Performers from 1940s
Date Artist
1940 22nd Jan All week. Western Brothers
1940 29th Jan All week. Jasper Maskelyne – The World Renowned Royal Command Magician
1940 23rd March Phyllis Sellcik, piano
1940 24th March Jack Hylton and his band
1940 25th March All week. Levant – Australian Illusionist
1940 21st April John McCormack
1940 22nd April Rob Wilton, comedian
1940 28th April Jack Jackson and his band
1940 5th May Henry Hall and his band
1940 6th May All week. Nellie Wallace – Britain’s Queen of Comedy
1940 17th May London Philharmonic Orchestra with Cyril Smith, piano, conducted by Dr Malcolm Sargent
1940 19th May Jack Payne and his band with Peggy Cochrane.
1940 26th May Moiseiwitsch
1940 10th June Carla Rosa Opera Company perform eight operas
1940 30th June Joe Loss and his band with Monte Rey, singer
1940 14th July Jack Warner – first Yorkshire appearance
1940 4th Aug Myra Hess
1940 11th Aug London Philharmonic Orchestra, Malcolm Sargent conductor
1940 18th Aug Oscar Rabin’s Romany Band
1940 8th Sept Solomon, (pianist)
1940 22nd Sept London Philharmonic Orchestra, with Eileen Joyce, piano conducted by Basil Cameron
1940 29th Sept Joe Loss and his Band with Monte Rey
1940 13th Oct Billy Cotton and his band
1940 20th Oct Geraldo and the Savoy Orchestra
1940 27th Oct Nat Gonella and his famous Georgians Band
1940 3rd Nov Jack Payne and his orchestra with Peggy Cochrane
1941 27th Jan and all week: Sadlers Wells Opera
1941 9th Feb London Symphony Orchestra and Myra Hess
1941 16th Feb Clifford Curzon, solo. Mayor’s Polish relief fund concert, attended by H.R.H. The Princess Royal and the Polish Ambassador
1941 31st March and all week: The famous organist Reginald Foort, playing on the world’s largest touring organ. Plus full variety bill
1941 13th April Henry Hall and his band
1941 21st April Cast of London musical “Me and my girl” with Lupino Lane
1941 18th May London Symphony Orchestra with Beno Moiseiwitsch and Basil Cameron.
1941 26th May and six nights – Clarkson Rose’s review “Half a million” with seventeen outstanding scenes, including “Hitler and Mussolini on the phone” and There’ll always be a Harrogate”
1941 2nd June Anglo-Polish ballet and forty artists
1941 8th June Solomon
1941 17th July The Fol-de-rolls
1941 4th Aug all week – Royal Opera Covent Garden “Hansel and Gretel”
1941 25th Aug and all week. Old Vic Company & Sybil Thorndike in Shakespeare’s “King John”
1941 27th Aug Old Vic Company with Sybil Thorndike in “Euripedes’ “Medea”
1941 1st Sept and all week Sadlers Wells Opera with Walter Widdop, Joan Cross in La Traviata; Madam Butterfly; Marriage of Figaro; Barber of Seville; Dido and Aeneas; Thomas and Sally (by Thomas Arne) conducted by Laurence Collingwood
1941 8th Sept and all week: Sadlers Wells Ballet conducted by Constant Lambert with Margot Fonteyn and Frederick Ashton in “Les Patineurs”, “Giselle”, “Les Sylphides”, “Façade”, “Swan Lake”
1941 20th Oct Old Vic Company in “The Cherry Orchard”
1941 1st Dec George Robey
1942 14th March Halle Orchestra with Leslie Howard
1942 19th April Dame Myra Hess, solo piano recital
1942 26th April Oscar Rabin and His Band
1942 4th May and all week: Albert Modley and his road show “The famous little Yorkshire comedian”
1942 8th June and all week: Carl Rosa Opera Company in Madam Butterfly, Rigoletto, Faust, Die Fledermaus, Marriage of Figaro, Il Trovatore
1942 20th July Flotsam and Jestam
1942 28th Aug London Philharmonic Orchestra, Sir Henry Wood & Basil Cameron conductors
1943 28th Jan R.A.F. Gang Show
1943 21st Feb Musicals with Isobel Bailey
1943 2nd Aug Albert Modley in the 1943 road show
1943 1st Nov for two weeks Jimmy Clithero the juvenile film star
1944 19th March Rawicz and Landauer
1944 13th Aug Felix Mendelssohn’s Hawaiian Serenaders
1944 17th Sept Yehudi Menuhin
1944 25th Sept and all week – Halle Orchestra conducted by Sir John Barbirolli
1944 8th Oct Jack Payne and his orchestra
1944 22nd Oct Richard Tauber
1944 5th Nov Ida Handel, violin recital
1945 22nd March London Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Albert Coates
1945 21st May The Great Lyle and his Cavalcade of Mystery
1945 17th June Band of Royal Canadian Air Force Bomber Group
1945 13th Aug and all week: Halle Orchestra conducted by Sir John Barbirolli
1945 10th & 11th Oct Halle Orchestra & Barbirolli
1946 1st to 5th April Clapham & Dwyer – The Famous BBC Comedians
1946 1st July and all week: Halle Orchestra & Barbirolli
1946 21st July Alvar Lidell, baritone (later BBC announcer) celebrity concert
1946 9th Sept The Great Lyle (Illusionist) also Norman Wisdom “The Successful Failure”
1946 15th Sept Vic Oliver
1946 13th Oct Elizabeth Schumann accompanied by Gerald Moore. Leider recital
1946 7th Nov Harrogate Literary Society Lecture. F. H. Grisewood “Behind the Scenes at the BBC”
1946 15th Dec Felix Mendelssohn and his Hawaiian Serenaders
1946 29th Dec Wilfrid Pickles
1947 1st Feb Walter Garrard’s Dance Orchestra
1947 2nd March Dennis Noble the eminent baritone also Rawicz & Landauer
1947 14th April All week. Billy “Uke” Scott – music hall entertainer
1947 19th May All week. Eileen Winterton Trio – dancing act
1947 7th-12th July Halle Orchestra & Barbirolli
1947 14th July Winifred Attwell (& others) inc. Morton Fraser and his Harmonica Rascals
1947 10th Aug Louis Kentner
1947 18th Aug All week. “Frills & Thrills” inc. Victor Barna – 16 times world table tennis champion and Alec Brook – British and International Champion
1947 30th Nov ‘Flotsam’, Leonard Henry (comedian) and Helen Clare (vocalist)
1947 26th Dec-10th Jan Pantomime ‘Cinderella’ starring Helen Clare
1948 15th Feb Peter Dawson the eminent baritone
1948 25th June Rt. Hon. Harold MacMillan MP in connection with the National Liberal conference
1948 4th July and all week: Halle Orchestra & Barbirolli – including Elgar’s 2nd Symphony
1948 11th July Vic Oliver – His Piano, His Violin and His Jokes
1948 13th Sept All week. Albert Modley
1948 4th Dec Royal Philharmonic Orchestra & Sir Thomas Beecham
1948 12th Dec Oscar Rabin and his Band
1949 3rd Jan “Babes In The Wood” staring Bill Waddington
1949 13th Feb Eileen Joyce – Chopin piano recital
1949 14th-16th Feb Halle Orchestra & Constant Lambert
1949 19th Feb Ted Heath and his orchestra
1949 6th March Ray Ellington Quartet – First time in Harrogate
1949 8th May Joan Hammond – The celebrated operatic soprano
1949 17th May Cyril Stapleton “Britain’s Glenn Miller” & his broadcasting orchestra
1949 22nd May Joe Loss and his orchestra
1949 10th July Frankie Howerd, comedian
1949 24th July Douglas Robinson “Cardew the Cad” also Percy Edwards – The BBC Countryman
1949 7th Aug Petula Clark – Britain’s leading juvenile star of stage, screen and radio
1949 18th Sept Vic Oliver, violinist/comedian
1949 3rd & 4th Oct Alicia Markova and Anton Dolin – The World’s Greatest Ballet Stars
1949 26th Nov Billy Ternent and his orchestra


Performers from 1950s
Date Artist
1950 2nd Jan All week. “Ice Fantasia” – skating on real ice
1950 17th Jan Joan Hammond, singer
1950 5th March Eileen Joyce, pianist
Hall closed for redecoration for weeks commencing 16th & 26th March and 2nd April
1950 8th April Grand re-opening dance with Walter Garrard and his orchestra
1950 16th April Josef Locke – Britain’s Greatest Tenor
1950 29th April Sid Phillips and his band
1950 14th May BBC Symphony Orchestra conducted by Sir Adrian Boult (programme includes Elgar’s Introduction & Allegro and Schubert’s 9th Symphony
1950 27th May London Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Edward Van Beinum
1950 11th June Ted Heath and his music with Dickie Valentine and Lita Rosa
1950 18th June Yorkshire Symphony Orchestra conducted by Clarence Raybould
1950 10th-15th July Halle Orchestra conducted by Sir John Barbirolli
1950 16th July Sid Phillips and his band
1950 14th Aug Carl Rosa Opera Company
1950 11th Sept All week. The Western Brothers
1950 19th Nov Karl Ulrich Schnabel, piano
1950 27th Nov Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Hugo Rignold
1950 9th Dec Joe Loss and his orchestra
1951 1st Jan All Week. A Christmas Fantasy on Ice  ‘Jingle Bells & Ice’ including Badminton on Ice – Great Britain v America
1951 8th Jan All week. Peter Brough and Archie Andrews in “Educating Archie”
1951 21st Jan Petula Clark, popular singer
1951 28th Jan Halle Orchestra conducted by Paul Kletzki
1951 18th March Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Hugo Rignold
1951 10th June Johnny Dankworth Seven with Cleo Laine
1951 1st July and all week: Binnie Hale and David Nixon
1951 8th July and all week: Halle Orchestra with Sir John Barbirolli
1951 16th July Ballett Rambert
1951 23rd July Weekly variety including Douglas “Cardew” Robinson
1951 30th July The Beverley Sisters, singing trio
1951 6th Aug Jack Train and Anona Winn – stars of twenty questions, Joan Hinde, Trumpeter
1951 12th Aug New BBC Trio with Max Jaffa
1951 17th – 22nd Sept Northern Antiques Dealers Fair
1951 29th Sept Kenny Baker and his new music, no 1 trumpet player
1951 25th Nov Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Hugo Rignold
1951 7th Dec Civic Ball with Mayor and Mayoress (Foster). Walter Garrard and his orchestra. Evening dress with decorations to be worn
1951 8th Dec Victor Silvester & his ballroom orchestra
1951 16th Dec The Squadronaires Dance Orchestra
1952 w/c 7th Jan The D’Oyly Carte Opera Company
1952 w/c 14th Jan Hutch, Tex McLeod, DeGroot Trio
1952 21st Jan Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra
1952 26th Jan Cyril Stapleton and his Orchestra
1952 16th Feb Harry Roy and his Broadcasting Dance Orchestra
1952 23rd Feb Vic Lewis and his Orchestra
1952 27th Feb Halle Orchestra with conductor Albert Wolff
1952 2nd Mar Eileen Joyce
1952 8th Mar Harry Gold and his Pieces of Eight
1952 9th Mar Nat Allen and his sextet
1952 22nd Mar Billy Ternent and his Orchestra
1952 6th April Roy Fox and his Orchestra
1952 7th April Boxing
1952 13th April Yorkshire Symphony Orchestra
1952 23rd April Joe Loss and his famous Orchestra
1952 25th April ‘Dragon’s Mouth’ starring Michael Dennison & Dulcie Gray
1952 27th April Vic Oliver, Victor Seaforth & Sylvia Campbell
1952 8th June Carroll Levis and his BBC Discoveries
1952 21st June Ted Heath and his Music
1952 30th June Grand Variety with Renee Houston & Donald Stewart
1952 w/c 6th July Halle Orchestra with conductor Sir John Barirolli
1952 13th July Harry Roy and his Band
1952 w/c 14th July Evelyn Laye, Joe Church & Arthur Scott
1952 20th July Weingarten (pianist)
1952 w/c 28th July Peter Cavanagh, Western Brothers, Joan Hinde
1952 3rd Aug Sid Phillips and his Band
1952 w/c 4th Aug Robb Wilton, The Radio Revellers, Peggy Desmond & Alfred Swain
1952 10th Aug Teddy Foster and his Orchestra
1952 w/c 11th Aug Elsie & Doris Waters, Tanner Sisters
1952 w/c 17th Aug Rawicz and Landauer, JoanTurner, Tommy Fields
1952 w/c 25th Aug Roy Stevens & Harry Locke, Anne Ziegler & Webster Booth
1952 w/c 1st Sept Wilson, Keppel & Betty, Mundy & Earle, Cawalini’s Dogs
1952 7th Sept The Squadronaires
1952 22-27th Sept Antique Dealers Fair
1952 15th Oct Yorkshire Ploughing Association Harvest Ball
1952 2nd Nov Vitebsky (pianist)
1952 27th Nov Harrogate Literary Society Robert H. Fabian ex Scotland yard Lecture ‘ Behind the scenes at Scotland Yard’
1952 29th Nov Victor Silvester and his Ballroom Orchestra
1952 30th Nov Nat Gonella and his Georgians
1952 4th Dec Royal Philharmonic Orchestra with conductor Sir Thomas Beecham
1952 13th Dec Billy Ternent and his Orchestra
1952 20th Dec Roy Fox and his Band
1952 26th Dec Halle Orchestra
1952 w/c 29th Dec ‘Flotsam’ (B.C. Hilliam)
1953 19th Jan and all week The D’Oyly Carte Opera Company
1953 7th Feb Harry Roy & His Band
1953 1st March Yorkshire Symphony Orchestra
1953 14th March Jack Parnell & His Music Makers
1953 28th March Harry Gold & His Pieces of Eight
1953 18th April Stanley Black & His Orchestra
1953 25th April Sid Philips & His Band
1953 11th May and all week Music Hall Francais
1953 24th – 30th May Festival of Music with The Halle Orchestra – conductor Sir John Barbirolli
1953 6th June Ambrose & His Orchestra
1953 20th June Squadronaires Dance Orchestra
1953 6th – 11th July Cyril Fletcher & Betty Astell
1953 20th – 25th July Jon Pertwee, Wilson Keppel & Betty, Billy ‘Uke’ Scott
1953 27th July – 1st Aug Bob & Alf Pearson
1953 3rd – 8th Aug Ronald Chesney (Talking Harmonica), Tony Brent (American recording star) and Margot Henderson
1953 10th – 15th Aug Peter Cavanagh, Kay Cavendish, Nicholas Parsons and Freddie Sales
1953 17th – 22nd Aug Harry Locke. Dickie Henderson
1953 23rd Aug Billy Ternent & His Broadcasting Orchestra
1953 24th – 29th Aug Semprini, Beryl Reid, Victor Seaforth
1953 12 Oct ‘Ascent of Everest’ lecture by Sir Edmund Hillary K.B.E.
1953 7th Nov Roy Fox & His Orchestra
1953 21st Nov Nat Temple & His Orchestra
1953 5th Dec Jack Parnell & His Music Makers
1953 17th Dec The Halle Orchestra – conductor George Weldon
1954 10th Jan Humphrey Lyttelton & His Band
1954 18th Jan all week D’Oyle Carte Opera Company
1954 13th Feb Harry Gold & His Pieces of Eight
1954 17th Feb Jose Iturbi – world famous pianist. First appearance in Harrogate
1954 6th June Carroll Levis & his TV & BBC show
1954 5th July and all week The Halle Orchestra with conductor Sir John Barbirolli
1954 11th July Harry Gold & His Pieces of Eight
1954 12th July and all week ‘Music for the Millions’ with Semprini
1954 19th July and all week ‘Music for the Millions’ with Robb Wilton, Irene Handl & Roy Stevens
1954 26th July and all week ‘Music for the Millions’ with Jon Pertwee, Reg Varney, Harriott & Evans
1954 2nd Aug and all week ‘Music for the Millions’ with Joan Regan, Bill Maynard
1954 9th Aug and all week ‘Music for the Millions’ with Beryl Reid, Kay Cavendish and Leslie Randall
1954 16th Aug and all week ‘Music for the Millions’ with Bob & Alf Pearson, Billy ‘Uke’ Scott
1954 22nd Aug Tony Hancock, The Western Brothers
1954 13 Nov Sid Phillips & His Band with singer Betty Miller
1954 28th Nov Mantovani and his New Music
1954 4th Dec Victor Silvester & His Orchestra
1954 20th Dec Halle Orchestra with conductor George Weldon
1954 27th Dec Sooty’s Christmas Show
1955 9th Jan Ronnie Scott and his orchestra
1955 14th Jan Jack Parnell and his orchestra
1955 28th Jan to Harrogate Gifts & Fancy Goods Fair & Stationary
12th Feb Trade Fair
1955 17th Feb Gerald Moore – the unashamed accompanist
1955 19th Feb Eric Winstone and his orchestra inc. Michael Holiday
1955 11th to 16th July Halle Orchestra with Sir John Barbirolli
1955 18th – 23rd July ‘Music for the Millions’ with Shirley Eaton, The Tanner Sisters and The Gaunt Brothers
1955 25th – 30th July Terry Hall & ‘Lennie the Lion’ & Danny Purches and The Vancouver Boys’ Band
1955 1st – 6th Aug Arthur Haynes, Saveen and “Daisy May”, Bob and Alf Pearson, Audrey Jeans
1955 8th – 13th Aug Albert Modley, Tom Mennard
1955 14th Aug Eileen Joyce, piano
1955 15th – 20th Aug ‘Mrs Shufflewick’, Kay Cavendish
1955 22nd – 27th Aug Beryl Reid, Bill “Uke” Scott, Miki & Griff, Leslie Randall, The Hedley Ward Trio
1955 28th Aug Ken Mackintosh and his orchestra
1955 29th Aug to 3rd Sept Jon Pertwee, Harriott & Evans “Europe’s Greatest Coloured Entertainers”
1955 6th Oct Sir Mortimer Wheeler (at invitation of Harrogate Literary Society) “The dawn of history in Yorkshire”
1955 23rd Dec Harry Corbett and Sooty
1956 8th Jan Eric Winstone & His Orchestra
1956 13th Jan Jack Parnell & His Orchestra
1956 21st Jan Sid Philips & His Band
1956 10th Feb Eric Delaney & His Band
1956 17th Feb Johnny Addlestone & His Orchestra
1956 4th March Vienna Boys Choir
1956 1st April Randolph Sutton
1956 28th April The Ray Ellington Quartet
1956 21st – 26th May The Carl Rosa Opera Company
1956 23rd Jun Laurie Gold & His Famous Pieces of Eight
1956 1st July Eric Delaney Band
1956 7th July Freddie Randall & His Band
1956 16th July All week ‘All for Mary’ – a comedy play
1956 9th – 14th July The Halle Orchestra & Sir John Barbirolli
1956 5th Aug The Gaunt Brothers
1956 29th Aug The Hedley Ward Trio and Tex McLeod
1956 10th Oct Ken Mackintosh, His Saxaphone & Orchestra
1956 28th Oct Karl & Ulrich Schnabel – world famous pianist
1956 16th Nov Johnny Dankworth & His Orchestra
1956 28th Nov Chris Barber’s Jazz Band with Ottilie Patterson
1956 15th Dec Ronnie Aldrich & The Squadronaires Dance Orchestra
1956 16th Dec Ken Mackintosh & His Orchestra
1956 20th Dec The Halle Orchestra
1956 26th-29th Dec Grand Pantomime ‘Robinson Crusoe’ with Randolph Sutton
1957 11th Jan Joe Loss and his orchestra
1957 18th Jan Jack Parnell and his orchestra
1957 9th Feb Sid Phillips and his orchestra
1957 15th Feb Johnny Dankworth
1957 15th March Eric Delaney
1957 20th April Victor Silvester and his famous ballroom Orchestra
1957 23rd – 27 Apr D’Oyly Carte Opera Co
1957 4th May Ted Heath and his Band
1957 5th May Gene Vincent and his Sounds Incorporated Group
1957 9th June Schnabel – piano recital
1957 1st – 6th July Halle Orchestra
1957 8th – 13th July Variety Bill with Gladys Morgan & Co, inc. Don Arden
1957 13th July Rock ‘n’ Roll Jamboree with Screamin’ Lord David Sutch and his famous Savages
1957 14th July Big Bill Coverdale
1957 w/c 17th July The Halle Orchestra and Sir John Barbirolli
1957 17th Oct Literary Society Lecture by H.R.H. Prince Chula Chakrabongse of Thailand G.C.V.C.
1957 3rd Nov Sid Phillips Band Show
1957 4th Dec Chris Barber – Celebrity Jazz Concert
1958 10th Jan Ronnie Aldrich and the Squadronaires – dance
1958 31st Jan Joe Loss and his orchestra
1958 14th March Eric Delaney and his Band
1958 10th April Sister Rosetta Tharpe with Mick Mulligan and his Band featuring George Melly. Tickets 3/- to 6/-. Attendance 317. Total take £63.19s. 0d.
1958 7th July Elsie and Doris Waters “Gert and Daisy”
1958 11th Aug For the week. Personal appearance of Phillip King in his own dramatic success “Serious Charge”. (he also wrote “Sailor Beware”).
1958 23rd Oct Sir Vivian Fuchs, lecture “The Trans – Antarctic Expedition”
1958 4th Nov Wrestling match with Shirley Crabtree “the biggest chest in the world” Tickets 2/6 to 10/-. Total take £437.17.0. Attendance 1,339
1959 30th Jan Eric Winstone and his orchestra
1959 5th Feb Anthony Hopkins – “The Music of Mozart” – Lit. Soc. Lecture
1959 13th Feb Joe Loss and his orchestra
1959 20th Feb Victor Silvester and his orchestra
1959 22nd Feb Harry Corbett and Sooty, and Stan Stennett
1959 23rd March Marty Wilde, rock ‘n ‘roll singer and Russ Conway, pianist
1959 3rd April Ken Mackintosh and his orchestra
1959 27th April Dickie Valentine. Tickets 4/6 to 7/6. Total take £358.00. Attendance 1,158.
1959 8th July Cliff Richard and the Drifters; The Bachelors: the Rockets; Wee Willie Harris. 6.15pm & 8.30pm. Prices 3/- to 7/6. Attendance at 6.15pm – 437. Take £118.17.9d. Attendance at 8.30pm – 1,041. Take £320.7.6d. Sold 577 programms at 1s each
1959 14th July Owen Brannigan, tenor
1959 17th – 22nd Aug Halle Orchestra
1959 17th Sept Daily Telegraph Flower Arrangement Festival Lecture by Julia Clements
1959 19th Sept Daily Telegraph Flower Arrangement Festival Lecture by Constance Spry


Performers from 1960s
Date Artist
1960 18th-23rd Jan D’Oyly Carte Opera company including John Reed
1960 8th Feb Emlyn Williams as Charles Dickens
1960 15th Feb Adam Faith, Emile Ford, the John Barry Seven, Mike Preston. At 6.15pm and 8.30pm. Tickets 4/6 to 8/6. Take at 6.15pm – £406.14s.0d. Attendance 1,242. Take at 8.30pm – £419.2s.0d. Attendance 1,280
1960 26th Feb Johnny Dankworth and his orchestra
1960 9th March City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra
1960 24th March Lance Fortune, Wee Willie Harris, Mike Preston, Edna Savage
1960 15th May Eileen Joyce, piano recital
1960 10th Aug Sir Anthony Blunt, keeper of the Queen’s pictures (and traitor) French Classicism, Poussin to Picasso – Lecture
1960 16th Sept Bob Miller and His Millermen
1960 21st Sept Joyce Grenfell, personal appearance for one night only. Take £478.6s.0d. Attendance 1,280
1960 10th Oct Kenny Ball’s Jazzmen
1960 9th Dec Johnny Kidd and The Pirates – dance
1960 19th Dec Halle Christmas Concert with Sir John Barbirolli
1961  19th Jan Russell Bradden (Author) Lecture on ‘Australia looks at England’
1961 27th Jan Bob Miller & The Millermen
1961 29th Jan Albert Medley, Harry Corbett and Sooty
1961 3rd Feb Wrestling. Billy Two Rivers
1961 20th April Victor Silvester and his Famous Orchestra
1961 5th May Genie Vincent and his Sounds Incorporated Group
1961 13th July Rock ‘n’ Roll Jamboree with Screamin’ Lord Sutch and his Savages
1961 14th July Wrestling. Shirley Crabtree v Big Billy Coverdale, Randolph Turpin v Harry Bennett
1961 w/c 17th July The Halle Orchestra and Sir John Barbirolli
1961 28th July Semprini
1961 2nd Aug Acker Bilk & his Paramount Jazz Band
1961 10th Aug Johnny Dankworth and his Orchestra
1961 18th Aug Sid Phillips and his Band
1961 31st Aug Bob Miller & his Orchestra
1961 28th Sept Ronnie Aldrich & the Squadronaires
1961 12th Oct Ray Ellington & his Music
1961 13th Oct Karl Ulrich Schnabel (pianist)
1961 2nd Nov Johnny Dankworth
1961 12th Nov Alfred Marks, Peter Goodwright, Bob Monkhouse, Rosemary Squires
1961 26th Nov Henry Hall’s Guest Night
1961 27th Nov Hungarian Gipsy Boys Company
1961 29th Nov The Eric Delaney Orchestra
1961 9th Dec Wrestling – Jackie Pallo & Bert Royal
1961 23rd Dec Halle Orchestra
1962 31st Jan Northern Sinfonia Orchestra
1962 9th Feb John Barry Seven
1962 9th April Joyce Grenfell
1962 2nd to 7th July Halle Orchestra
1962 2nd Aug Kenny Ball’s Jazzmen
1962 10th Nov Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
1963 8th March The Beatles. Dance 8pm-1am. 10s6d
1963 4th June Kenny Lynch
1963 18th June  Alan Knight & the Chessmen. Dance 8-12. 12s6d
1963 29th June Kenny Ball & his Jazzmen
1963 6th July Bob Miller and his Millermen
1963 w/c 22nd July The Halle Orchestra & Sir John Barbirolli
1964 7th Jan Wrestling; Les Kellett v Ernie Riley
1964 25th Jan Bob Miller & the Millermen – dance (& in concert on 26th Jan)
1964 7th March Eric Winston and his Orchestra
1964 4th April Johnny Dankworth & Orchestra
1964 9th May Sid Philips & His Band
1964 14th May Little Richard. Take £528.6s 0d. Tickets 4/6 to 10/6. Attendance 1,278.
1964 23rd May Bob Miller & the Millermen
1964 29th May The Applejacks – dance
1964 15th June All Week ‘Music Hall Francais ‘ starring Sonya Cordeau
1964 6th-11th July The Halle Orchestra & Sir John Barbirolli
1964 15th July Brian Poole & The Tremeloes, Lulu & the Luvvers, The Rev. Black & The Rocking Vicars, Herman & The Hermits 6.15pm & 8.30pm.Tickets 5/6 to 12/6
1964 31st July Peter Jay and The Jaywalkers – dance
1964 12th Sept Bob Miller & The Millermen
1964 16th Oct Mike Berry and The Inocents – dance
1964 21st Oct David Kossoff
1964 2nd Nov Wrestling; Shirley Crabtree v The Beast
1964 8th Nov Acker Bilk & This Paramount Jazz Band – concert
1964 15th Nov Dickie Henderson, Dennis Spicer (ventriloquist), Audrey Jeans (Dennis Spicer tragically died in a road accident on his way home from this show).
1964 26th Nov Literary Society Lecture ‘Cricket with a Camera’ by Trevor Bailey
1964 27th Nov Eric Delaney & His Orchestra
1964 28th Nov Cyril Stapleton and His Orchestra – dance
1964 4th Dec The Rocking Vicars
1964 5th Dec The Migil 5 – dance
1964 13th Dec Night of Stars: Vera Lynne, Alfred Marks, Eric Sykes, Neville King, The Applejacks, Joe Black, Barbara Simpson, Cyril Stapleton & His Orchestra
1964 19th Dec Bob Miller & The Millermen
1964 23rd Dec The Hale Orchestra
1965 7th Jan The Kinks at 6.30pm and 8.30pm
1965 16th Jan Acker Bilk – dance
1965 26th Feb John Barry Seven – dance
1965 14th May Manfred Mann – dance
1965 24th June Brighouse & Rastrick Band
1965 5th July The Allegri String Quartet with Leon Goosens
1965 11th July to 8th Sept Hall closed for decorating
1965 7th Nov Ron Moody, Lance Percival, The New Faces, David Hughes, Sheila Buxton, The Southlanders, Jimmy Gordon and Norman Collier
1965 12 Nov The Walker Brothers – dance. Attendance 1,300. Take £650.0s.0d.
1965 3rd Dec The Fortunes
1966 8th Jan Chris Barber’s Jazz Band
1966 13th Jan Literary Society Lecture ‘Mission for the Relief of Suffering’ by Group Captain Leonard Cheshire
1966 21st Jan The Hollies – dance. Attendance 1,300. Take £552.10.0d.
1966 29th Jan Applejacks. Dance
1966 25th Feb The Kinks
1966 5th March Kenny Ball – dance
1966 22nd March Joyce Grenfell
1966 25th March Spencer Davis Group – dance
1966 3rd April Max Bygrave Show
1966 23rd April The Watersons (Folk Group)
1966 13th May Small Faces – dance. Attendance 1,300. Tickets 10/6. Take £552.10s.0d.
1966 25th July All week ‘Music Hall’ with Tonia Bern, Johnny & Suma Lamonte, Eva May Wong and ‘Monsewer’ Eddie Grey.
1966 5th Aug Dave, Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mitch and Tich – dance
1966 12th Aug Annie Ross, Alex Welsh and his Jazz Band
1966 13th Aug The McPeake Family and Martin Carthy
1966 14th Aug Elizabeth Shwarzkopf
1966 16th – 18th Aug ‘The Generals Tea Party’ staring Richard Murdoch
1966 20th Aug Moscow Radio Orchestra
1966 25th Aug John Walker and The Technique
1966 26th Aug The Who – dance
1966 27th Oct Literary Society Lecture ‘The World of Roses’ by Harry Wheatcroft
1966 3rd Nov Literary Society Lecture ‘The North Wall of the Eiger’ by Chris Bonnington
1966 8th Dec Literary Society Lecture ‘Antiques – Mainly Furniture’ by Arthur G Negas
1967 31st Jan Wrestling – Jimmy Savile & Chuck Purvey
1967 9th Feb Literary Society Lecture ‘The Olympic Games’ by Harold Abrahams
1967 24th Feb Victor Silvester and his Orchestra
1967 25th March Larry Adler
1967 16th June The Tremeloes – dance
1967 10th Aug The English Chamber Orchestra
1967 12th Aug Isla Cameron and The Watersons
1967 13th Aug Victoria Postnikova (pianist)
1967 15th Aug Dr Magnus Pike lecture ‘Food Science – The Essential Ingredient’
1967 17th Aug Professor Alan Gemmel lecture ‘Life and Living’
1967 19th Aug The English Orchestra with Jacqueline DuPre (cello)
1967 18th Sept Emlyn Williams as ‘Dylan Thomas Growing Up’
1967 22nd Sept Amen Corner – dance
1967 19th Oct Literary Society Lecture ‘John Betjeman’ by John Arlott
1967 6th Nov Los Paraguayos
1967 10th Nov The Move – dance
1967 15th Dec The Troggs – dance
1967 23rd Dec Bob Miller & The Millermen – Xmas Dance
1968 2nd Feb The Tremeloes – dance
1968 5th April The Foundations
1968 23rd April The Ike & Tina Turner Show
1968 26th April Percy Thrower Lecture
1968 17th May The Herd
1968 14th June The Equals – dance
1968 22nd to 27th July The Halle Orchestra
1968 2nd Aug The Love Affair
1968 8th Aug The Academy of St Martin-in-the-Fields
1968 9th Aug Lennie Tristano
1968 10th Aug The McPeake Family, Martin Carthy and David Swarbrick, Jeremy Taylor
1968 11th Aug Paul Tortelier (cello) & Maria De La Pau (piano)
1968 12th Aug BBC Northern Symphony Orchestra
1968 16th Aug Galina Vishnevskaya (soprano) & Mstislav Rostropovich (piano)
1968 17th Aug Royal Philharmonic Orchestra with John Ogden (piano)
1968 28th Nov Literary Society Lecture ‘The Shrub Garden’ by Geoffrey Smith
1968 6th Dec Marmalade – dance
1968 24th Dec Johnny Howard and His Band – Xmas Eve Dance
1968 31st Dec Bob Miller and The Millermen – New Years Eve Ball
1969 6th Jan Wrestling. The Royal Brothers
1969 18th Jan The Spinners
1969 20th Jan Wrestling. Honey Boy Zimba
1969 27th Jan Jimmy Shand & his Band
1969 14th Feb Victor Sylvester and his Orchestra
1969 17th Feb Wrestling. Jackie Pallo
1969 19th Feb Los Paraguayas
1969 3-8th Mar D’Oyly Carter Opera Company
1969 24th Mar Wrestling. Mick McManus
1969 5th Apr Bob Miller and his Millermen
1969 10th April Wrestling. Les Kellet
1969 12th April Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra
1969 15th May Northern Sinfonia
1969 16th May Bob Miller and his Millermen
1969 28th June Bob Miller and his Millermen
1969 30th June- 5th July The Halle Festival of Music
1969 6th Aug The Academy of Martin-on-the-Fields and Josef Suk (violin)
1969 9th Aug Martin Carthy with Dave Swarbrick, Shirley Collins, Packie Bryne and Maddy Prior
1969 10th Aug BBC Northern Symphony Orchestra with Hazel Holt (soprano) & Gyorgy Pauk (violin)
1969 12th Aug English Chamber Orchestra with John Williams (guitar)
1969 13th Aug English Chamber Orchestra with Peter Pears (tenor) and Owen Brannigan (brass)
1969 14th Aug Andor Foldes (piano)
1969 16th Aug New Philharmonic Orchestra with Stephen Bishop (piano)
1969 20th Sept The Spinners
1969 11th Oct Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra
1969 13th Oct Wrestling. Mike Marino
1969 25th Oct Pentangle
1969 27th Oct Wrestling. Leon Arras, Alan Dennison, Bert Royal
1969 30th Oct Harrogate Literary Society Harry Wheatcroft ‘The Ramblings of a Rose Grower’
1969 12th Nov Rolf Harris
1969 25th Nov EL Sali and his Flamenco Company
1969 8th Dec Wrestling. Roy St Clair v Jim Breaks


Performers from 1970s
Date Artist
1970 7th – 10th Jan World Premiere of Michael Wild’s Musical ‘Little Lord Fauntleroy’
1970 14th Jan Wrestling Mick McManus v Alan Dennison
1970 22nd Jan Lit. Society Lecture Chris Bonnington – ‘Conquest of the Blue Nile’
1970 24th Jan Bob Miller & The Millermen
1970 28th Jan Julie Felix
1970 29th Jan Lit. Society Lecture Edgar Lustgarten – ‘In Court’
1970 30th Jan Jimmy Shand & His Band
1970 20th Feb Victor Sylvester & His Orchestra
1970 27th Feb The Nice
1970 2nd March Wrestling Jackie Pallo v Vic Faulkner
1970 7th March Andy Stewart (Scottish Comedian)
1970 19th April The Frankie Howerd Show
1970 8th May Johnny Howard & His Band
1970 14th – 20th May The Harrogate Puppet Festival
1970 23rd May The Spinners
1970 6th – 11th July The Halle Orchestra – conductor Sir John Barbirolli
1970 5th Aug Elizabeth Schwarzkopf (soprano)
1970 6th Aug The Johnstons, Martin Carthy and Jeremy Taylor
1970 7th Aug Grimethorpe Colliery Band
1970 8th Aug The Pentangle
1970 11th Aug Radu Lupu (pianist)
1970 14th Aug English Chamber Orchestra
1970 15th Aug English Chamber Orchestra with Daniel Barenboim (pianist) and Valdimir Ashkenazy (pianist)
1970 10th Oct The Spinners
1970 15th Oct Lit. Society Lecture – Kenneth Wolstenholme ‘Mexico. The Land of Contrasts’
1970 7th Nov Bob Miller and The Millermen
1970 11th Nov The Syd Lawrence Orchestra
1970 26th Nov Lit Society Lecture Geoffrey Smith ‘Alpines and Rock Plants’
1970 7th Dec Wrestling. Les Kellett v Bobby Barnes
1970 16th Dec John Lill (piano)
1970 23rd Dec The Halle Orchestra
1970 31st Dec Bob Miller and The Millermen
1971 28th Jan Lit Society Lecture Chris Bonnington ‘Annapurna-1970’
1971 29th Jan Jimmy Shand and His Band
1971 22nd Feb Wrestling. Mick McManus v Vic Faulkner
1971 27th Feb Syd Lawrence Orchestra
1971 6th March David Kosoff
1971 6th April BBC Symphony Orchestra
1971 10th April Bob Miller and The Millermen
1971 6th May Wrestling.  Alan Dennison v Mick McManus
1971 12th May Terry Scott (comedian)
1971 15th May The Spinners
1971 21st May Georgie Fame, Alan Price & Zoot Money
1971 6th June Jimmy Tarbuck, Jackie Trent & Tony Hatch, Nicholas Parsons, Ronnie Hilton, Norman Collier, Neville King and Maxine Barrie
1971 5th-10th July The Halle Orchestra with conductors James Loughran, Sir Adrian Boult & Maurice Handford
1971 1st Aug Leicestershire Schools Symphony Orchestra with conductors Sire Michael Tippett and Norman Del Mar
1971 3rd Aug Mayumi Fujikawa (violin) and Michael Roll (piano)
1971 6th Aug The Academy of St Martin-in-the-Fields. Conductor Neville Mariner, Iona Brown (violin), Barry Tuckwell (horn)
1971 7th Aug An evening with FAMILY and America
1971 8th Aug London Symphony Orchestra with Jack Brymer (clarinet)
1971 9th-12th Aug ‘Fool Paradise’ – a new late – night review by the Oxford Theatre Group
1971 11th Aug Grimethorpe Colliery Band with Cyril Smith and Phyllis Sellick (piano)
1971 13th Aug English Chamber Orchestra with Jacqueline Du Pre (cello)
1971 14th Aug English Chamber Orchestra with Itzhak Perlman (violin) and Pinchas Zukerman (violin and viola)
1971 16th Spet Magna Carta
1971 9th Oct Semprini (piano)
1971 23rd Oct  Bob Miller and The Millermen
1971 13th Nov The Spinners
1971 21st Dec  The Halle Orchestra
1971 31st Dec Bob Miller and The Millermen
1972 28th Jan Jimmy Shand and his Band
1972 13th Feb John Hanson
1972 27th March Wrestling. Jackie Pallo & Jim Breaks
1972 29th March Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
1972 1st April Bob Miller and his Millermen
1972 8th April The Spinners
1972 9th April Freddie Starr, Roy Hudd, Selena Jones, Johnny Hart & Roberto Cardinalli
1972 15th April Reg Chester Big Band
1972 22nd April Jimmy Shand and his Band
1972 29th April The Dubliners
1972 13th May Cleo Laine & John Dankworth Quintet
1972 6th May Peter Katin (pianist)
1972 12th May The Johnny Howard Band
1972 3rd June Bob Miller and his Millermen
1972 3-8 July The Halle Orchestra Festival of Music
1972 30th July Academy of St Martin-in-the-Fields with Robert Tear (tenor)
1972 2nd Aug Black Dyke Mills Band
 1972 5th Aug The Settlers
1972 6th Aug Scottish National Orchestra with Elizabeth Tippett (soprano)
1972 9th Aug  Stomu Yamashta and Come to the Edge
1972 11th Aug English Chamber Orchestra
1972 12th Aug English Chamber Orchestra Pinchas Zukerman (violin), Richard Adeney (flute) and James Brown (oboe)
1972 17th Sept Ken Dodd with Barbara Simpson & Ernest Clough
1972 30th Sept Peter Noone & Roy Hudd
1972 17th Oct The Senegal Dance ensemble
1972 21st Oct Wally Whyton, The Yetties, Isla St Clair
1972 4th Nov The Pentangle
1972 7th Nov Ballet Minerva
1972 8th Nov Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen
1972 13th Nov Wrestling. Mike Marino, Vic Faulkner, Abe Ginsburg
1972 22nd Nov Middle of the Road
1972 26th Nov Mike & Bernie Winters Show
1972 3rd Dec Max Jaffa
1972 30th Dec Joe Loss and his Orchestra
1973 7th Aug Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra with conductor Sir Charles Grove, Kyung Wha Chung (violin)
1973 11th Aug Steeleye Span (pop concert)
1973 12th Aug The King’s Singers
1973 14th Aug Scottish National Orchestra with Stephen Bishop (piano)
1973 15th Aug Grimethorpe Colliery Band with conductor Malcolm Arnold and soloist David Moore (euphonium)
1973 17th Aug The Academy of St Martin-in-the-Fields with Murray Perahia (piano)
1973 18th Aug The Academy of St Martin-in-the-Fields with Janet Baker (mezzo soprano)
1974 24th Jan Lit Society Lecture Sir Ranulph T-W Fiennes ‘The Headless Valley’
1974 28th Jan Wrestling. Mr TV Jackie Pallo v The Amazing Cat Weazle
1974 9th Feb Wally
1974 15th Feb Victor Silvester Jnr and His Orchestra
1974 1st March Joe Loss and His Band & The Jimmy ‘O’ Show Band
1974 18th March Syd Lawrence Orchestra
1974 24th March The Dubliners
1974 30th March Johnny Howard and His Band
1974 13th April Bob Miller and His Band
1974 21st April Alfred Marks. George Roper. Eve Boswell, Pail Melba
1974 26th April Ray McVay and His Orchestra
1974 30th April The Strawbs
1974 10th – 15th June The Halle Festival of Music
1974 4th Aug Swingle II
1974 6th Aug Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra with conductor Sir Charles Groves and soloist Ko Iwaski (cello)
1974 9th Aug Besses O’Th’ Barn Brass Band
1974 10th Aug Scottish National Orchestra with soloist Jessye Norman (soprano)
1974 11th Aug English Chamber Orchestra with soloist Alfred Brendell (piano)
1974 16th Aug English Chamber Orchestra with soloist Julian Bream (guitar)
1974  17th Aug Schutz Choir of London and the Philip Jones Wind Ensemble
1974 19th Aug Wrestling. Harvey Smith (show jumper) makes his wrestling debut
1974 14th Sept Joe Loss and His Orchestra and His Singers
1974 13th Oct The Settlers
1974 2nd Nov Johnny Howard Band
1974 27th Nov Victor Borge
1974 29th Nov Ray McVay and His Orchestra
1974 11th Dec The Spinners
1974 23rd Dec The Halle Orchestra
1975 23rd Jan Lit Society Lecture Geoffrey Smith ‘Plant Harmony in a Small Garden’
1975 24th Jan Bob Miller and The Millermen
1975 28th Jan Syd Lawrence Orchestra
1975 11th Feb Victor Silvester Jnr and His Orchestra
1975 21st Feb Bob Miller and The Millermen
1975 13th Mar Lit Society Lecture Chris Bonnington ‘Changabang’
1975 31st Mar Bob Miller and The Millermen
1975 5th April Larry Adler (harmonica)
1975 19th April Kenny Ball and His Jazzmen
1975 22nd April Alfred Brendell (piano)
1975 25th April Joe Loss and His Jazzmen
1975 9th May Bob Miller and The Millermen
1975 7th – 12th July The Halle Festival of Music
1975 7th Aug The King’s Singers
1975 8th Aug Scottish National Orchestra with soloist Michael Roll (piano)
1975 11th Aug Claudio Arrau (piano)
1975 13th Aug Emanuel Hurwitz Chamber Orchestra
1975 14th Aug Carlton Main Frickley Colliery Band and Colne Valley Male Voice Choir
1975 16th Aug Julie Felix
1975 19th Aug The Academy of St Martin-in-the-Fields
1975 20th Aug The Academy of St Martin-in-the-Fields with soloist Alfred Brendell (piano)
1975 22nd Aug Joe Loss and His Orchestra
1975 9th Sept Wrestling. Les Kellett, Alan Dennison, Bert Royal, Vic Faulkner, Jim Breaks and Johnny Saint
1975 28th Sept The Spinners
1975 16th Nov Ken Dodd
1975 17th Nov Wrestling. Kendo Nagasaki. Mike Marino
1975 27th Nov Victor Borge
1975 14th Dec Syd Lawrence Orchestra
1975 19th Dec Bob Miller and The Millermen
1975 22nd Dec The Halle Orchestra with conductor Owen Arwel Hughes
1977 3rd Nov Lecture by Magnus Magnusson
1978 13th May Frankie Howerd
1978 16th June Anna Ford
1978 8th Oct Pasadena Roof Orchestra
1978 15th Oct The Dooleys (pop concert)
1978 28th Oct The Yetties (folk group)
1978 30th Oct Jasper Carrott
1978 10th Nov Sasha Distel
1978 26th Nov Max Boyce
1978 10th Dec Swingle II
1978 17th Dec Showaddywaddy
1978 23rd Dec The Halle Orchestra


Performers from 1980s
Date Artist
1980 15th Feb Syd Lawrence Orchestra
1981 1st March Johann Strauss Gala Concert with Jack Rothstein on violin
1981 1st April Cleo Laine
1981 13th April Mike Harding
1981 2nd May Dai Francis, Bobby Crush in ‘The Black & White Minstrels’
1981 4th May Tommy Steele
1981 7th Aug Lorraine Chase
1981 29th Aug Val Doonican & Mike Newman – comedian
1981 23rd Nov Billie Jo Spears
1981 24th Nov George Melly and John Chilton’s Feetwarmers
 1981 25th Nov Lonnie Donegan, Joe Brown and the Bruvers and Kenny Ball and His Jazzmen
1982 15th Feb Big Daddy & Giant Haystacks – wrestling
1982 21st Feb Black Dyke Mills Band
1982 8th & 9th March Mike Harding
1982 7- 13th April 10th Harrogate International Youth Music Festival
1982 30th May Tony Goodacre Country Music Show
1982 16th Oct Five Penny Piece in Concert
1982 11th Dec Showaddywaddy
1983 24th Jan Big Daddy & Giant Haystacks – wrestling
1983 3rd April Johnny Morris
1983 26th July Jake Thrackray
1983 28th Aug Joe Loss and his Orchestra and singer supported by Jeff Barry and his Music
1983 9th &10th Dec Mike Harding
1983 22nd Dec Showaddywaddy
1984 16th Oct Don McLean
1984 9th Nov Elvis Costello
1984 16th Nov Joe Loss and His Orchestra
1985 14th Feb Stu Francis & The Stars of Crackerjack
1985 16th Feb Syd Lawrence Orchestra
1985 26th & 27th Mar Mike Harding
1985 1st to 3rd July The Black & White Minstrel Show
1985 5th Aug Little & Large
1985 15th Oct Pamela Stephenson
1985 3rd Nov Sir David Attenborough – British Wildlife Appeal
1985 14th Dec Barbara Simpson’s Gala Farewell Christmas Music Hall
1986 4th April Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown
1986 28th & 29th June The Black & White Minstrel Show
1986 25th Oct The Gilbert & Sullivan Soc with Brighouse & Rastrick Brass Band
1986 9th Nov Pat Boone
1986 12th Nov Vienna Boys Choir
1986 25th Nov Blaster Bates
1986 26th Nov Van Morrison
1987 20th March Duggie Brown
1987 31st March & 1st April Mike Harding
1987 14th May Peter Skellern
1987 11th July Showaddywaddy
1987 26th Oct Doris Collins – Clairvoyant
1987 3rd Nov David Essex
1987 6th Nov Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown
1987 15th Nov Rod Hull & Emu
1987 18th Dec Gilbert & Sullivan Soc with Brighouse & Rastrick Brass Band
1987 23rd Dec The Spinners
1988 28th Feb Arlo Guthrie
1988 4th March The Palm Court Orchestra ‘Putting On The Ritz’
1988 18th March Kenny Ball & His Jazzmen
1988 12th April Canon & Ball
1988 17th April The Spinners
1988 28th April Duncan Norvelle Show
1988 2nd June Chas ‘n’ Dave
1988 3rd June Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown
1988 15th Sept Johnny Howard Band
1988 3rd Oct John Williams
1989 17th Jan Julian Bream
1989 5th Feb Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown
1989 18th March Mike Harding
1989 28th April Ray McVay Glen Miller UK Orchestra, Bernie Clifton & Alan Randall
1989 20th Aug Tom O’Connor
1989 22nd Sept Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown
1989 31st Oct Don McLean
1989 6th Nov Mike Harding
1989 8th Nov Billie Jo Spears
1989 21st Dec Brighouse and Raistrick Band


Performers from 1990s
Date Artist
1990 3rd Feb Nostalgia Dance featuring Jo Loss
1990 2nd March An evening with Ian Botham
1990 4th May Frank Carson, Bobby Crush & Lyn Hall
1990 5th May John Denver
1990 18th May Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown
1990 14th Nov Vienna Boys Choir
1991 8th Feb Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown
1991 22nd March Tom O’Connor
1991 26th April Jimmy Tarbuck
1991 11th Aug Ray Alan
1991 26th Oct Mike Harding
1991 19th Nov Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown
1992 10th April Donovan
1992 26th April Mike Harding
1992 1st May Showaddywaddy
1992 23rd June Joan Armatrading
1992 7th & 8th July Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown
1993 26th April Freddie Starr
1993 30th April Stan Bordman, Stutz Bear Cats
1994 29th April Duncan Norvelle, Vince Hill & Joan Hinde
1994 29th June The Chippendales
1995 28th April Tom O’Connor
1995 13th May Syd Lawrence Orchestra – VE Day Celebration Dance
1995 22nd Oct Mike Harding
1996 19th April Richard Stilgoe & Peter Skellern
1996 20th Oct Freddie Starr
1996 8th Dec Charlie Landsborough – Country Music
1996 17th Dec Chris Barber’s Jazz & Blues Band
1996 21st Dec Brighouse & Rastrick Band
1996 22nd Dec Richard Digance
1997 9th April Pam Ayres
1997 2nd May The Grumbleweeds, Shahid Malik
1998 28th March Elkie Brooks
1999 6th March Black Dyke Mills Band
1999 8th June The Chippendales


Performers from 2000s
Date Artist
2000 13th April Wadaiko Yamato Drummers
2000 14th April Gary Wilmot
2001 10th June Kate Rusby Band
2002 20th July Black Dyke Mills Band – Harrogate International Festival
2002 25th July Wynton Marsalis – Harrogate International Festival
2002 28th Sept Kate Rusby Band
2002 19th Oct The Treorchy Male Voice Choir
2002 November Ceiling collapsed in South corridor with the result that the Royal Hall was closed for public use
2008 27th April Grand Re-Opening of the Royal Hall with an Inaugural Gala Concert with The Hallé Orchestra
2008 28th April Second Re-Opening Gala Concert with the Manchester Camerata
2008 29th April Performance of ‘Beloved Clara’ with Edward Fox, Joanna David and Lucy Parham
2008 4th May Ken Dodd Laughter Show
2008 23rd Aug Band of Grenadier Guards
2008 2nd Oct Russian Classical Ballet
2008 25th Oct An Evening with Pam Ayres
2008 18th Nov The Billy Fury Story ‘Half Way to Paradise’ featuring Colin Gold and Billy Fury’s original band The Fury’s Tornados
2008 5th Dec Mozart by Candlelight with The Mozart Festival Orchestra
2008 16th Dec ‘Christmas with The Rat Pack Live from Las Vegas’ – hit West End Show
2008 18th Dec Gervase Phinn’s Christmas Show
2008 20th Dec Brighouse & Rastrick Band with the Harrogate Gilbert and Sullivan Society
2008 19th Dec Kate Rusby
2009 2nd Jan New Year Concert featuring the Manchester Camerata with Natalie Klein (cello)
2009 10th Feb ‘The Vagina Monologues’ staring Jenny Éclair. Jennifer Ellison and Wendi Peters
2009 21st Feb The Johann Strauss Dancers and Orchestra
2009 28th Feb Bjorn Again
2009 18th March Charlie Landsborough (country music)
2009 23-25th Mar ‘The Naked Truth’ staring Lisa Riley, Abi Titmuss and Julie Buckfield
2009 3rd April The Saw Doctors
2009 12th April National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain
2009 11th-15th April Harrogate International Youth Festival of Performing Arts
2009 16th April Asia
2009 2nd May ‘Odessy of Love’ starring Martin Jarvis, Joanna David & Lucy Parham
2009 3rd May Lilian Mina Memorial Concert with The Halle Orchestra conducted by Mark Elder with Howard Shelley (piano)
2009 29th Oct Moscow Ballet ‘Nutcracker’
2009 30th Oct Return of the Comedians with Mick Miller, Stan Boardman & Johnny Casson
2009 24th Nov Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings
2009 30th Nov Moscow Ballet ‘Sleeping Beauty’
2009 6th Dec Slade, T-Rextasy & Mud II
2009 3rd Dec The Four Seasons by Candlelight with the Mozart Festival Orchestra
2009 23rd Dec Roy Chubby Brown


Performers from 2010s


Date Artist
2010 17th April Wally in Concert compered by Bob Harris
2010 15th May Alfie Boe
2010 4th June The Beautiful South
2010 16th July Lesley Garrett
2010 18th July Courtney Pine
2010 20th July The Endellion Quartet
2010 22nd July Sofya Gulyak (Piano)
2010 22nd July Sir Willard White
2010 23rd July Alex Wilson and Salsa Mambo
2010 25th July Alan Bennett
2010 26th July Alex Wilson Recital
2010 27th July Peter Cincotti
2010 28th July Jacques Loussier Trio
2010 30th July Sasha Grynyuk (Piano)
2010 31st July Arcadi Volodos (Piano)
2010 1st Aug Australian Youth Orchestra conducted by Sir Mark Elder
2010 20th Aug Kasiuss
2010 1st Oct Variety Spectacular starring Billy Pearce
2010 5th Oct ‘Vagina Monologues’ starring Sue Jenkins, Roxanne Pallett & Nikki Sanderson
2010 19th Oct Pam Eyres
2010 27th Oct Moscow Ballet ‘Nutcracker’
2010 10th Dec Kate Rusby
2010 11th Dec A Yuletide Evening with Gervase Phinn
2011 26th Jan Lenny Henry
2011 11th Feb The Johann Strauss Orchestra & Dancers
2011 4th March Chris Dean’s Syd Lawrence Orchestra
2011 23rd March Moscow Ballet ‘Coppelia’
2011 9th July Elkie Brroks
2011 13th Oct Moscow Ballet ‘Sleeping Beauty’
2011 2nd Dec Tommy Emanuel
2012 10th Feb The Johann Strauss Orchestra & Dancers
2012 25th March Grimethorpe Colliery Band
2012 4th April Elaine Paige
2012 5th April Northern Sinfonia
2012 7th - 11th Kenny Ball & Acker Bilk
2012 20th April Tony Christie
2012 21st Apr Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson
2012 26th April The Orchestra of Opera North
2012 28th April Stars of Strictly Come Dancing - Katya Virshilas & Pasha Kovalev
2012 3rd May London Community Gospel Choir
2012 6th May ‘Saints and Sinners’ starring Edward Fox, Joanna David, Emilia Fox & Freddie Fox
2012 9th May Dara O’Briain
2012 15th May The Halle Orchestra conducted by Sir Mark Elder
2012 17th May Andy Abraham
2012 25th May Bob Geldof with his Band
2012 26th May Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers
2012 9th June Ken Dodd Happiness Show
2012 13th June Dave Gorman
2012 15th June The King’s Singers
2012 4th July Sir Ranulph Fiennes
2012 5th July Manchester Camerata with Noriko Ozawa (pianist)
2012 6th July Curtis Stigers
2012 7th July Clare Teal & Friends
2012 14th July Neil Hannon
2012 28th July John Wilson Orchestra
2012 15th Sept Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Janusz Piotrowicz
2012 16th Sept 'Debussy - A Passionate Life' with Robert Powell & Liza Goddard
2012 7th Oct Sandi Toksvig
2012 13th Oct Treorchy Male Voice Choir
2012 15th Oct Moscow Ballet ‘Nutcracker’
2012 23rd Oct An evening with Sir Chris Bonnington
2012 27th Oct The Medici String Quartet & Alex Jennings present Hymn
2012 6th Nov Eddi Reader
2012 7th Nov Port Isaac’s Fisherman’s Friends
2012 14th & 15th Nov Rhod Gilbert
2012 20th Nov Fascinating Aida
2012 28th Nov Paul Carrick
2012 30th Nov Band of the Royal Air Force
2012 8th Dec Kate Rusby
2012 13th Dec Greg Davies
2012 14th Dec British Philharmonic Orchestra Viennese Strauss Christmas Gala
2012 Jake & Elwood’s Christmas Party
2012 22nd Dec Brighouse & Rastrick Band
2013 2nd Feb Claire Martin & The BBC Big Band
2013 9th Feb The Military Wives
2013 14th Feb Grand Opera of Belarus ‘La Boheme'
2013 19th Feb Al Murray
2013 2nd March Robert Cray Band
2013 15th March Moscow Ballet ‘ Coppelia’
2013 16th March The Hollies 50th Anniversary Tour
2013 21st March Milton Jones
2013 27th March 50th Anniv of The Beatles visit to Harrogate Concert with the Upbeat Beatles
2013 27th May Open Day celebrating 110 Years of the Royal Hall
2013 4th July Lesley Garrett
2013 11th July Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
2013 12th July Clare Teal presents an evening with Tim Rice
2013 19th July Lianne La Havas
2013 26th July Mikhail Rudy
2013 27th July John Wilson Orchestra
2013 18th-31st Aug Classic Fest
2013 16th Sept Jason Manford
2013 1st Oct Jimmy Carr
2013 6th Oct Seth Lakeman
2013 11th Oct Pam Ayres
2013 12th Oct Stewart Lee
2013 16th Oct The Vagina Monologues starring Hollie-Jay Bowes, Terri Dwyer & Diane Keen
2013 18th Oct Paul Carrick
2013 19th Oct Camel
2013 29th Oct Moscow Ballet ‘Swan Lake’
2013 30th Oct Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings
2013 31st Oct Ken Dodd Happiness Show
2013 6th Nov Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel
2013 14th Nov Sporting Truths with Mark Lawrenson, Darren Fletcher & Danny Mills
2013 15th Nov Fascinating Aida
2013 17th Nov Zappa plays Zappa Roxy & Elsewhere
2013 19th Nov Sandi Toksvig
2013 29th Nov Band of the Royal Air Force in Concert
2013 10th Dec An Evening with David Suchet
2013 16th Dec Lindisfarne
2013 17th Dec An Albion Christmas - 15th Anniv Tour
2013 30th Dec Orchestra of Opera North - Viennese Whirl
2015 13th Jan Tommy Emanuel
2015 18th Feb Milton Jones
2015 19th Feb Al Murray
2015 24th Feb Russian State Ballet & Opera House ‘Rigoletto’
2015 20th Mar Gretchen Peters
2015 22nd Mar Moscow Ballet ‘Swan Lake’
2015 25th Mar The Bootleg Beatles
2015 15th Apr Sir Chris Bonnington
2015 23rd Apr Dylan Moran
2015 6th May The Full English Final Tour
2015 9th May Jimmy Carr
2015 13th May Stewart Lee
2015 16th May Tom Paxton
2015 30th June The Overtones
2015 3rd July Alfred Brendel
2015 4th July John Wilson Orchestra
2015 12th July Julian Lloyd Webber
2015 16th July Milos
2015 24th July Ronald Same
2015 25th July Julie Fowlis
2015 26th July Flanders Symphony Orchestra
2015 1st - 23rd Aug 22nd Gilbert & Sullivan Festival
2015 16th Sept An Evening with Geoffrey Boycott & Jonathan Agnew
2015 19th Sept London Mozart Players
2015 28th Sept Russian State Ballet & Opera House ‘Traviata’
2015 30th Sept Paddy McGuniness
2015 4th Nov Nils Lofgren
2015 9th Oct Josh Widdicombe
2015 13th Oct Jimmy Carr
2015 28th Oct BBC Antiques Roadshow recording with Fiona Bruce
2015 21st Oct Stewart Francis
2015 22nd Oct Steve Backshall’s Wild World
2015 1st Nov Leroy Jones, Ian Shaw & Joe Stilgoe
2015 16th Nov Jasper Carrott
2015 23rd Nov Russian State Ballet & Opera House ‘Swan Lake’
2015 24th Nov Russian State Ballet & Opera House ‘Don Quixote’
2015 15th Dec The Orchestra of Opera North
2015 17th Dec The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain
2016 26th Jan Paul Carrick
2016 23rd Feb Ed Byrne
2016 1st Mar Russian State Opera ‘ Madam Butterfly’y
2016 12th Mar Simon Bolivar String Quartet
2016 13th Mar The Bootleg Beatles
2016 2nd April The Hollies
2016 29th Apr Julian Clary
2016 1st June Manchester Camerata with Nicola Benedetti
2016 3rd June Grumpy Old Women starring Jenny Eclair, Susie Blake & Kate Robins
2016 2nd July John Wilson Orchestra
2016 10th July Black Dyke Brass Band
2016 21st July Sir Willard White
2016 22nd July The Unthanks
2016 31st July Czech National Symphony Orchestra
2016 3rd to 21st Aug 23rd Gilbert & Sullivan Festival
2016 17th Sept London Mozart Players
2016 21st Sept Russian State Opera ‘Carmen’
2016 1st Oct Ross Noble
2016 3rd Oct Adam Hills
2016 16th Oct Russell Kane
2016 21st Oct Band of the Royal Air Force
2016 28th Oct Elkie Brooks
2016 31st Oct & 1st Nov Russian State Ballet ‘Swan Lake’ & ‘Sleeping Beauty’
2016 12th Nov Show of Hands
2016 9th Dec Kevin Bloody Wilson
2016 15th Dec Kate Rusby
2016 17th Dec Brighouse & Rastrick Band
2017 5th Mar Jimmy Carr
2017 19th Mar Al Murray
2017 12th Apr Russell Brand
2017 14th - 19th Apr Harrogate Int Youth Fest of Music & Performing Arts
2017 18th Apr Naomi Wilkinson
2017 5th-7th May BBC Good Food Show
2017 11th May Jon Richardson
2017 12th May Leo Sayer
2017 18th May K T Tunstall
2017 19th May Omid Djalili
2017 19th June Sons of Pitches
2017 5th July European Union Chamber Orchestra with Benjamin Goldscheider
2017 15th July John Wilson Orchestra
2017 9th July Van Kuijk Quartet
2017 28th July Alex Mendham & His Orchestra
2017 29th July Sir Bryn Terfel with Malcolm Martineau
2017 4th-20th Aug 24th Gilbert & Sullivan Festival
2017 30th Aug Russian State Opera ‘Madame Butterfly’
2017 2nd Sept Orchestra of Opera North
2017 5th Oct Stewart Lee
2017 9th Oct Dan Brown
2017 10th Oct Jimmy Carr
2017 16th Oct Prof Alice Roberts
2017 20th Oct Band of the Royal Air Force
2017 22nd Oct Milton Jones
2017 24th Oct Ray Mears
2017 28th Oct Billy Pearce
2017 29th Oct Ken Dodd Happiness Show
2017 6th Dec Russian State Ballet ‘The Nutcracker’
2017 7th Dec Russian State Ballet ‘ Romeo & Juliet’
2017 8th Dec The Bootleg Beatles
2017 11th Dec Roy Wood
2017 16th Dec Brighouse & Rastrick Band


Programmes, posters & photos